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Time Warner Cable promo for the LA Dodgers
English & Spanish (plus radio advert)

We really had a blast working on this project!!

We had to work on three different angles:

  • 30 Sec. music for TV spot.
  • 15 Sec. music for TV spot.
  • 60 Sec music for Radio spot.

We felt that a great musical way to represent American sports was using electric rock guitars and some groovy drum beats… and that’s what we did.
We wanted the intro to be bold and sporty and give a positive spirit, the same spirit the LA Dodgers’ fans have!

Trying to avoid a cookie cutter
‘library sound’ (electronic and repeated drums, overloaded synthesizers and layers of loops) at Creative Sound Lab we offer real music, played by real musicians, using real instruments. Being that this whole spot was about authenticity, we didn’t want anything less from the music.

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Watch the videos

Time Warner Cable
LA Dodgers
English Version

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Time Warner Cable
LA Dodgers
Spanish Version

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