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Corus Media Company music design & mnemonic

The Corus project was amazing.

Our goal working on this project was to give Corus its own music brand, and its very own sound.

Canadian media company Corus was ready to launch their new identity after a merge between Corus and Shaw Media.
Corus believes in the power of storytelling, because stories just might change our world. That’s what we wanted to do as well: make music that could tell a story.

When we first saw that beautiful Corus’ animation made by Troika, we just felt in love with it! We composed the music to match and reinforce those wonderful images without distracting the audience.

We really enjoyed working on this project, we mixed some bright and cheerful sounds with some deep and strong ones. We played some percussion and cymbals to create a glowing atmosphere and a melody with a very positive spirit, ending with the new Corus’ mnemonic.

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